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Using plant-based technology, SuprCuvr™ is Effective Against COVID-19

Kills<strong> </strong>99.99999% of <br/>COVID-19 Coronavirus
Kills 99.99999% of
COVID-19 Coronavirus

SuprCuvr™ kills 99.99999% of COVID-19 Coronavirus and is rated at LOG 7 Reduction.

100% Plant-Sourced Ingredients
100% Plant-Sourced Ingredients

Our powerful organic ingredients are sourced from nature and combined by scientists for maximum effectiveness.


An environmentally friendly hospital-grade disinfectant spray to protect our natural environment.

Protection that gives you peace of mind

We use a biodegradable formula & recyclable packaging to ensure no negative impact on the planet.

Cruelty free
Cruelty free

Our products are NEVER tested on animals.

Thoroughly Tested
Thoroughly Tested

Using plant based ingredients, SuprCuvr was also Independently tested to show no irritation on skin.


100% plant-based
created through science

Proven to kill 99.99999% (LOG 7 reduction) of COVID-19 coronavirus. SuprCuvr™ is a coronavirus disinfectant spray approved by NASAA Certified Organic as a Certified Input.

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Hospital Grade Disinfectant 99.99999% Effective Against COVID-19 Coronavirus

Powerful Organic Protection

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